Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Congratulations in order!

Hi everyone! just a short blog this week congratulating the fine work of my fellow colleagues I have been fortunate enough to study with over the past two years.  Results day for our respective degrees revealed deserved success for a lot of hard work, dedication and commitment and everyone has every right to feel extremely proud of what they have achieved. I can also say I am the proud owner of a Wildlife Education and Media degree!  It just proved those two years of panicking about coursework deadlines and exam weeks were worth it in the end! A mention should also go to the students who have now successfully completed their first year in their degrees, again would surely not of been achieved without a lot of hard work.
It has been fantastic spending time with all of you over the past two years making some fantastic friendships and great memories good luck to everyone in the directions they now chose to go, all the best George.

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