Wednesday, 1 August 2012

A great new idea.

Hello everyone! sorry my latest blog has taken longer to publish than expected but from now on everything will be back to normality at least as far the regularity of publishing blogs goes, the same can't be said for some of my adventures!
   This blog by highlights the work of wildlife enthusiast Nadav Ossendryver. He runs a real time website on behalf off Kruger National Park giving updates on the most recent animal sightings with information including numbers of species and their location. The idea first came as a result of becoming frustrated with having to ask his parents to ask fellow wildlife observers where the best sightings were.
   Ossendryver now arrives at Kruger before the park opens and updates his site as well as sending out additional updates via Blackberry messenger, Twitter and Facebook. The site also has contact details for reporting Rhino poaching an ever-increasing problem. With a following of 18,000 people his work has now attracted the attention of Google who are looking for ways to commercialise his idea. Having been made South Africa National Park's first honorary virtual ranger he speaks of his clear love for the park and the wildlife "I love everything about the game reserve. You can go 1,000 times and never see the same thing. I could spend all day there, but not all day on the beach"

  Full story here-

   Thank you to Mathew Button for bringing this to my attention.

     Ideas like this could well become the future of wildife watching, however as you will see in my next blog sometimes the best sightings can come completly out of the blue untill then all the best, George.

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