Sunday, 17 June 2012

A surprising advantage of trains.

Being a student living away from home means when the time comes to go home public transport is the only option specifically trains. Apart from occasional comfort, the main joy of this mode of transport is the wildlife spotting opportunities they provide.
 The first hour of my journey takes me through beautiful countryside and this is where wildlife sightings peak. Stunning Buzzards glide searching for potential prey, of which there is plenty. Rabbits it would seem are as common as grass on this particular route however the enjoyment of watching them particularly their white tail bobbing away into the distance never fades. Foxes are often seen as well and always provide a thrill whenever I spot these cunning and intelligent predators. By far the sighting that prompts the most excitable reaction from myself and strange looks from other passengers in my direction is when a secretive Roe Deer breaks cover and appears on the edge of a field. Unfortunately on my most recent sighting of a Roe Deer the ticket inspector did not share my obvious enthusiasm and by the time I had handed him my ticket the deer had long disappeared. A far from common sight it shows what people can miss seeing simply by not looking out the window.
Personally I will take the strange looks from fellow passengers when my excitement gets the better of me because in my mind that one glimpse of a slinking fox or cautious roe deer is so worth it.

                       Take it easy
Picture taken by Harry Wykes

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